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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

get me out of the house

The northeast got pounded with snow Sunday in to Monday, so many of us have been cooped up in our houses for way too long.  And if you're like me, even if you have a full set of weights, you're not exercising when you're stuck.

Take the overeating of the holiday and then follow it up immediately with being stuck in the house, sedentary, with more food.  In my case, it was Christmas cookies that someone forgot to bring to their family.

That said, I'm so happy to be out of the house today and can't wait to get to the gym and get a good sweat going.  I'm not sure I've never been so excited to go to the gym.

What do you do when you're snowed in?  Usually I shovel, but by the time the snow had stopped the shovelling was already being handled by the complex. 

Are you going to try to get in some good workouts this week or are you just coasting until after the new year?


Cynthia said...

A snow day is a perfect time to curl up in front of the TV with a nice cup of tea (or coffee). Are there any workouts you can do at home? That might make you feel better about not being able to go to the gym.

Jessica said...

I've been meaning to get a good workout DVD for this exact reason, but haven't purchased anything yet. Any recommendations?

chrispins said...

I love my FIRM workout dvd's. You do have to purchase the "fanny lifter" that goes with it and have a set of hand weights, but it is a great home workout. I'm not one to use the weights at the gym, so this is good for me. Also, if you have exercise on demand with your cable package, there really are some good workouts on it. :)

Jessica said...

I used to get so sucked in to the Firm infomercials and totally wanted it! Good to know that it works though.

I'm in the process of purchasing Insanity (yikes!) from BeachBody.

I once took a yoga class through my cable, but am not sure what else they have. Great idea!