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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Here I am

I had hoped that maybe I wouldn't actually go MIA, but apparently that wasn't the case.

I'm still adjusting to this new and busy schedule.  Plus my first three days were spent out of state at a hotel, which always complicates a routine further.

I woke up Tuesday at 5a to hit the hotel gym.  Better something than nothing, but it was limited and as a result it sucked the motivation right out of me.  Back to the gym tonight, after work, so we'll see how that goes.

I had always gone to the gym after work, but it's been years now so it might take some adjusting.

It's also weird that I haven't been on a spin bike since Saturday.

So I'm thinking about trying Insanity.  Anyone tried it and want to share their experience?  My "friend" wants us to do it together, so I'm considering it.  If I do do it, I'll totally share my experiences with you guys. Maybe even post some before and after stats...maybe.

So let me know about Insanity or any other similar program you've tried.  Thanks!


Jamie said...

Julia did to her!!

marianne said...

I like P90x by Tony Horton. It is hardcore, comes with nutritional booklets and a plan to follow. I am a beachbody coach and could give it to you at my cost. I believe Insanity and turbo kick are in the family of his too. check out their website or check em out on facebook. it's a commitment and it woeks! i am the type that has to get to the gym, home videos don't motivate me,
Hang in there with trying to get to the gym, once you get used to the schedule of work, you'll be more focused on going to the gym. Can you go in the morning? That way it's done!!

Jessica said...

Hey marianne!
Thanks for all the info. Greatly appreciated as usual.
I do think my routine will eventually find it's groove, it's just frustrating in the mean time.
I am thinking about incorporating more morning workouts. Right now I teach at 6a on Mondays, so it is do-able, but still seems really early at times.
And yeah, I need a gym too, but think the insanity thing might be worth a try. Will keep you posted.
Have an amazing day!