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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy solstice!

I think that just possibly I've been sucked in to a time warp of some sort.  How is it possible that Christmas is in four days?  In some ways it feels like it's way too early, but in other ways it feels like it's about darn time, like the fact that today is (finally) the first day of winter.  In my head it's been winter for months. 

I think it's a weird time of year.  I can deal with December, and suck it up for January, but come February and March, I'm pretty miserable and usually threaten to run away to the Caribbean.  I do this every year, without fail.  I think that Christmas lights should be put up at the end of January because that's when we really need something to brighten things up.  Just my two cents.

I woke up last night to presents from my "friend".  Yay!  Not quite Christmas, but way past Hanukkah (which is my holiday).  Let's just say he did well and I'm now joining the 21st century and will also have warm feet. :)

He got a big old TV from me.  His bday is in January so it's a combo gift and he's had it for a couple of weeks now, which made my holiday shopping easy breezy.  Still putting together something simple, but thankfully I haven't really had to deal with the holiday shopping craze.

As a fitness professional, it's always interesting to see how things go at the gym around this time of year.  We all know what happens in January, but December can be questionable.  Are people too busy with parties and shopping or are they forcing themselves to come in because of said parties?  My classes have been consistent and that's all I can ask for.

Since New Year's day is a Saturday, I'm teaching.  I'm the only spin class on the schedule so I'm doing a 60 minute class (our norm is 45).  The class is at 10 and I'm hoping it will be full.  What do you think?  do you think people will come out for the class or that they'll be too busy recovering from the night before?

Any interesting new year's plans out there?

I'll try to post again in the next day or so, but if for some reason time gets away from me (again), have a most wonderful and happy holiday and enjoy every minute spent with those you love.  xoxo

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