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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spin Ride time!

Good morning!

I've taught four classes in the last three days and am now happy that I have a couple days off from teaching.  Of course I love love love it, but a break every now and then is very nice.

Tuesday night I covered for a friend and then left my ipod in the studio.  Duh!  Minor freak out session ensued but thankfully the Wednesday morning instructor found it and put it aside for me.  Phew.

But without my ipod I had to burn a quick cd in order to be able to teach.  This is the ride I used for the past 3 classes.  (all different locations, so no chance of repeats)  I think it's a pretty solid ride and people seem to enjoy it.

Warm Up - Time to Start (3:44) - Blue Man Group
Seated Climb - I've Been Thinking About You (3:52) - 80s group, can't remember
Adding resistance every minute or so.
Standing Climb - The Climb (3:55) - Miley Cyrus
Slow and steady to the top, getting heavy quickly.  Slow song needs a heavy hill and slow cadence.
Recover/Fast Flat/Jumps/Fast Flat - Do You Remember (3:30) - Jay Sean
Recover from climb and then pick up your pace.  On the rap portion of the song, transition in to 4 count jumps on a moderate hill, once the rap is done go back to the fast flat.
Seated Climb - Shattered (4:14) - OAR
Staying in the saddle, adding resistance every minute.
Standing Climb - Dance Dreams (3:50) - Eurythmics v Lady Gaga
Heavy hill, speed bursts for 15s on the chorus.
Sprints - Don't Stop (2:43) - ATB
This song lends itself to two quick sprints.  First one is about 20 seconds, last one is about 30s and goes to the end of the song.
Climb - Mony Mony (5:03) - Billy Idol
Fun climbing song. First half in the saddle, gets heavy quickly.  Second half standing climb.  Just before minute 4 I like to take them back to the saddle for a 5 count, then out to 3, and repeat until I feel their fatigue.
Run - Begging (3:40) - Madcon
Short recovery and then running with light/moderate resistance from 1:40 to the end of the song.
Jumps - Jump (3:46) - Madonna
I usually give about 1 minute to recover and then do six count jumps on a moderate hill for anywhere from 2 minutes to 2:46 (to the end of the song).
Seated Climb - 1901 (3:13) - Phoenix
Keep this climb moderate with speed bursts for 15 seconds on the chorus.
Heavy Climb - Baba OReilly (5:01) - The Who
I alternate between seated and standing, but the last minute of this song is key.  In a heavy standing climb I tell the class to pick up their pace as the song picks up, by the last 15 seconds you're going all out and just waiting for it to end.
Cool Down!!

If anyone ever tries any of these rides, I'd love to hear your feedback.  You don't need to be an instructor, you can also use one of these rides for yourself if you can't make it to a class.

Happy Spinning!!

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