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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hanging Around

Happy Thursday!  I'm glad the week is starting to wind down.

This is what I did this morning.

Yup, took some of my freshly washed gym clothes and hung them up on my newly hung clothesline!  While doing so I also told the birds that this was not a new place for them to perch, as bird poop on my clean clothes is not the goal.

You can't really tell, but three of the five bottoms hanging up are cycling shorts.  Do you wear them?

First I had one pair, then realized that I should probably have more, so I bought two more pairs.  So now I have three, which is not enough and I need to get another pair or two.

Do you ride with cycling shorts?  If you don't, I'd recommend you give it a try.

Now this may be TMI, but I ended up getting a blister from cycling in a rather private area.  Lovely, right? 

So cycling shorts were the only way to ride without being in extreme pain when sitting.  My issue has since cleared up so I decided to give a ride in regular pants, umm no.  I was in shock as to how hard and uncomfortable the saddle felt, especially after having used cycling shorts exclusively for a few weeks now.

While they aren't extremely flattering they do make a HUGE difference and i'd definintely recommend them for anyone who spins more than a few times a week.  To quote Ariel from the Little Mermaid, "it's a whole new world."  Hahaha (i'm cracking myself up here).



abbyrose said...

hey jess - i need to get some cycling shorts myself. any recommendation on brand? :) abby

Jessica said...

Hey Abby,
First it made my day that you read the blog. Love it!
Second, I do have a recommendation. Pearl Izumi.
Here are more details. I have three pairs, Serfas, Sugoi and the Pearls.
Serfas were my first pair and they're intense, they're thick and the padding is great, but they're on the longer side, quite tight and high waisted. They do the trick nicely but are the least figure flattering of the bunch.
Sugoi one's are good too, but the material is a bit thinner so I just pray that they aren't sheer on my ass (since I can't see back there when I'm riding).
The Pearl Izumis are def my favorite, they're comfortable and as flattering as cycling shorts can get on a pear shaped body.
I actually just bought a new pair on eBay, so we'll see how those are as well.
What stinks is that they can be rather pricey, so be on the look out for sales.
Hope this helped!