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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Obsessed with Exercise?

I just read a great article in Fitness magazine.  It was about, as you may have guessed, people who are obsessed with exercise, specifically cardio.

I will admit, I've referred to myself as obsessed with the gym, but the comment was really made in jest as I don't see the gym or working out getting in the way of my life.

The article talked about people who get addicted to the endorphins as well as the results.  It said how frequently these people were athletes when they were younger and were always pushed to do more/go faster/last longer.  However this isn't always the case.

This made me think of the Biggest Loser.  I feel like past contestants on this show fall in to one of two categories:  those who are now "obsessed" with exercise and those who completely fell off the wagon.  Maybe that's a bit black and white but for this post it makes a point.  Once you start working out and seeing the (amazing) results, how could you not want to continue this.  Ok, as I'm writing I'm realizing that perhaps this isn't necessarily true, but you get the idea.

The article asked a few key questions in order to determine if YOU are obsessed.
  1. Do you feel a constant obligation to work out?
  2. Do you feel guilty when you can't exercise?
  3. Compromise your safety to work out (for example running along at night because "you have to")?
  4. Exercise even when you're sick or fatigued?
  5. Do you find yourself constantly nursing an injury?
  6. Experience irregular or absent periods?
  7. Need more exercise to get the same benefits as before?
  8. Put exercise before family, friends or work?
  9. Hear family and friends expressing concerns about your exercising habits?
So how do you stack up?  Me?  I think I'm probably a YES to questions 1 and 2, but that's pretty much where it ends.  I will admit that in the past I have sacrificed elements of my social life to work out, but I'm working on managing that balance.

I think that as the list goes on, the questions get a bit more serious and are more indicative of a possible problem.  Do you agree?

Oh yeah, one crazy story from the article....a woman ran a marathon distance (26.2miles) then went and took a kickboxing class.  (CRAZY!)  She actually fainted after class, and experienced a heart arrhythmia.  Scary stuff!

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