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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

And yet another Energy Bar (kind of) Review

Since all my reviews thus far have been positive, I feel like I need to also mention a product I didn't like.  But not wanting to bash anyone, I'm going to comment on two products here, both by the same brand.  One good, one not so much.

So first, the good...

These PowerBar Energy Gel Blasts were also a pleasant surprise.  I can remember eating Power Bars back in the day, with their taffy like consistency and their mediocre at best flavors.  Honestly, I haven't had anything "PowerBar" in years, and still can't comment on the bars.

These were part of the goodie bag at Spin Odyssey also.  My bike-neighbor ate hers during the ride and told me to give them a try as they were "really good".

I didn't try them until a few weeks after the event but she was right, I was pleasantly surprised.  They taste like candy.  I ate them on a day where I was scheduled to teach 4 classes (only 3 happened).  While they definitely tasted good, I can't say they did anything to improve my performance or my energy.  But then again, I'm not really sure how one would test something like that.  Even if i'm tired, I usually wake up the moment I get on the bike.  But if you're looking for something that tastes good and "claims" to give you energy, I'd give these a try.

What I didn't love however, was that they contain 24g of sugar in six pieces.

And now the product I didn't like.....drum roll please....

PowerBar Gel

This product was handed out during the first hour of our six hour ride.  Knowing I had a lot in front of me, I figured I'd give it a try.

I'm not a fan of orange-type flavored things to begin with, but there wasn't a choice of flavor.  I knew these things were popular.

I ripped open the top and took some in my mouth.  If you had seen my face you probably would have laughed.  Warm goo that tasted horrible and felt just plain old gross in my mouth.  I tried it one more time and then discarded the almost full packet.  Disgusting!

Maybe serious athletes can overlook the taste to reap the benefits, but I'm clearly not one of them.

Have you tried this product or something similar?  If so, what did you think?

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