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Monday, October 17, 2011

Got my head spinning

Good morning and happy Monday!

I'm definitely not ready for it to be Monday (yet again) but I'm going to fake it.  Come on caffeine, kick in!

How were your weekends?

Mine was nice.  It was low key but with enough going on that it didn't feel like a waste, or leave me feeling like a lazy bum.

It was a rather spin-centric weekend.

Saturday I taught my usual Saturday morning class.  I used the ride from Thursday night.  I had planned on cutting it down to 45 minutes but after much thought decided to keep it just under an hour.  My class is the last spin class, so there was no issue in running late.  It went well.

Sunday morning I went to the new spin studio in the next town over.  DJ and I had originally signed up for a 7:30a class on Saturday but then decided Friday night to cancel.  To make up for it, on Sunday we signed up for an 8:30 and a 9:30 class.

The studio was nice.  It's a small retail space with one spin room.  The spin room is tiered.  There are 3 levels and there were 30 bikes.  They were Schwinn's.  The room had adjustable lighting, two mounted rotating fans, and a nice sound system.

Apparently all classes there include an arms workout.  At the beginning of class you are instructed to grab a mini-body bar.  At some point during your spin ride, you take a break, sit up straight in the saddle and go through low weight, high rep exercises with the body bar.  The first class did this at the very end, the second class did this about 3/4 of the way through.

Both classes were good, but different.  The instructor of the first class was very much about proper form (which I liked). His music was varied (some good, some just OK).  The instructor for the second class was very high energy.  However her personal form was horrible and she did a few contraindicated moves.  But her music was good.

Each class runs 50 minutes and they flew!  There's no clock in the room and I didn't have a watch so I don't know how long we actually spun for.

I'm going back tonight for a class with an ex-military guy who is also a DJ.  So curious!

The last spin related thing this weekend happened at a bar.  I was out with two friends (a couple).  They told me that that morning they had taken a class at one of the clubs I teach at.  They then told me that the instructor had them PEDAL BACKWARDS FOR AN ENTIRE SONG, INCLUDING SPRINTS AND ISOLATIONSWHAT?!?!?!?!?! When she told me this it was like someone had stabbed me in the stomach.  I was furious.  However now I know why I've seen people pedalling backwards more at this gym than at any other.

What would you do?  I was thinking about talking to management.  But first I need to be sure that Keiser doesn't support this.  Anyone?

Now go have a great Monday!!

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