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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working Out Odds and Ends

Apparently I read a lot of fitness magazines this weekend because this morning in my 6am class I was spouting random information to the class.

Since I found these points interesting enough to mention them I figured i'd post them here.

Tidbit 1
Studies have shown that exercisers listening to loud music work harder.  While this is great, it's a slippery slope as music too loud can cause hearing loss.  So as I told them this morning, we may end up with really fit people who can't hear down the line.

Tidbit 2
Wiping off your sweat makes your body think you are working harder than you are.  While that may be a valid point, tell that to any spinner and they'll likely roll their eyes.

Tidbit 3
When working out and feeling fatigued, focusing on an area of the body other than the fatigued part tricks your brain into thinking you aren't working quite as hard.  For example, in a heavy cycling climb, focus on your upper body form, or focus on pulling your legs up (normally we focus on pushing down).  Worth a try the next time you're struggling.

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