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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Food Facts - Cosi

One of my favorite places to have lunch is Cosi.  There's one (kind of) on the way home from my Saturday morning Spin class, so sometimes I'll treat myself to lunch.  Yum!

Their menu really isn't too bad but i'll highlight the best and the worst.  Again, just be mindful when eating and if you choose to indulge, make it a one time occurance.

Wow, first thing I learned...the whole grain flatbread isn't necessarily the better choice.  It has about 21 more calories than the rustic version as well as 1 gram more of fat.  It does have one extra gram of fiber, but that's about the only difference, so don't think you're doing yourself any huge favors by ordering your sandwich on the multi grain.

Some calorie counts (sandwiches are on rustic, add 21 calories for the whole grain)
Fire Roasted Veggie Sandwich - 324 calories, 8g fat (My favorite!!)
TBM light - 403 calories, 14g fat,
Grilled Chicken TBM - 791 calories, 43g fat
Tuna Melt - 938 calories, 52g fat (OUCH!!)
Tandoori Chicken Sandwich - 541 calories, 23g fat
Hummus and Veggies Sandwich - 432 calories, 8g fat
Bombay Chicken Salad - 176 calories, 3g fat
Cobb Salad - 419 calories, 28g fat
Shanghai Chicken Salad with low-fat Ginger Dressing - 370 calories, 11g fat
Cosi chips - 150 calories, 3g fat
Pollo y Pasta soup - 73 calories, 2g fat
Plain bagel - 429 calories, 2g fat (that seems high to me)

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