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Thursday, April 8, 2010

So much for the sugar plan

Isn't it interesting how we manage to forget things conveniently.

I'm pretty sure that I did a post a while back about how I was planning to cut out sugar again.  Seeing as I haven't done that, it's funny to me that I can't really recall whether or not I did a post.

So after a few weeks of eating anything (and everything) i'm back on track with at least being more conscientious of what is going in my mouth.  I'm realizing again that banning any one food just doesn't make sense.  Like most people, tell me I can't have something and that's of course all I want.

So right now I'm trying to keep a food journal, just to get an idea of what I'm eating as well as try to be accountable for it.

I had a friend do a body fat percentage measurement for me last week, so now I have a number (which I'm not sharing right now) and am going to try to get it down.  My current number is totally acceptable but I'd like to strive to make it better.  I like things that are quantifiable so I'm hoping this will be good motivation.

I'm really excited about the fresh produce season that is just right around the corner.  Can't wait to do up the fresh fruit and veggies!

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