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Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy (but good) weekend!

TGIF!  I'm so glad it's Friday!!!  Happy almost weekend!

Started this morning off with my 6:30am class.  That class always seems like a good idea until the alarm goes off at 5:15 and I'm all comfy cozy in my bed and don't want to get out, but I do.  As the instructor I can't exactly decide not to show up.  Or rather, I can, but would lose my job. :)

I'm dragging a bit now, but have a busy weekend ahead of me.

After my 10am class tomorrow i'm off to Boston to visit with some of my best friends from college.  We've been really lucky in that everyone seemed to get married at good intervals, which kept us seeing each other somewhat regularly over the past couple of years.  That is, except for me.  No marriage here.  But so this is the first get together where everyone is together, since usually one of them was off doing bride things.  It should be great!  Can't wait to just catch up and laugh.  Good times on tap.

What stinks is that I have to be back in town for a 4pm meeting on Sunday.  Ugh.  Then I have dinner plans at 6.  I'm looking forward to the dinner plans just not the fact that I have to rush out of Boston to make it to a meeting that is going to last less than an hour.  This is when my excellent work ethic and morals leave me conflicted.  I'd love to blow off the meeting but I know it's just not right.  Oh well.

I'm rambling.  So yeah, busy and fun weekend.  Now just need to make it through today.

TGIF and have a FABULOUS weekend!!

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