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Thursday, December 10, 2009

My mind works in strange ways

Clearly the thought of running a half marathon is on my mind.

Last night I had a dream that I was doing just that.  The weird part is that in the dream I was doing that with a rolly suitcase in tow.  Yup, one of those (smaller) suitcases on the wheels, like what the flight attendants use.  Random, right?

After mile six I decided I wanted to ditch the suitcase and tried to give it to my sister and parents (who were there to cheer me on) and they have me a hard time.  Bizarre!

The part of the dream that I did like was that after six miles I was looking and feeling great.  Clearly a dream!

Just had to share.

I had had my eye on doing the Philly half with a friend but turns out I have a wedding that weekend.  So, i'm keeping my eyes open for a new race during the late summer/early fall.  I'm thinking maybe the Fitness magazine half in NYC, but we'll see.

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