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Monday, December 14, 2009

Calorie Saving Tips - Mexican Food

If you're anything like me, eating out is part of your social life.  Watching what you eat shouldn't mean that you have to eat every meal at home, but you do have to be aware and exercise restraint.

Here are some tips for making better decisions when eating out at Mexican restaurants (where dishes can have tons of calories)

  • Skip the cheese (often times these dishes are so flavorful that you wouldn't even taste the cheese)
  • Get black beans instead of refried beans
  • Limit your use of sour cream and stick with a pico de gallo or salsa
  • Try to resist the chips and salsa, if need be, have a few and then ask them to take them away, or move them away from you at the table
  • Ask for fajitas to be cooked with less oil or no butter (i sometimes skip the tortillas and just eat the protein and veggies)
  • You might want to try subbing a salad for the rice
  • If you get a taco salad, avoid the deep fried "bowl"

The principles applied here are really basic calorie cutting concepts and can be applied in most situations.

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