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Monday, October 19, 2009


Do you take a multivitamin?

If you do, do you feel differently if you forget to take it?

I subscribe to the Nutrition Action Healthletter, a monthly publication that touches on a variety of health related topics.  The June 2008 issue had an excellent article on multivitamins and what to look for based upon age and gender.

The most valuable part of the article to me was a concise list of the best vitamins for pre-menopausal women.  This list made choosing a new multi EASY.

Here are their top picks.
  • Centrum (originally contained 500 mg folic acid, needs 400 mg to be a top pick)
  • CVS Daily Multiple Plus Minerals
  • CVS Naturalized Spectravite
  • CVS Spectravite Advanced Formula
  • GNC Solo Day
  • Kirkland SIgnature Daily Multi
  • Nature Made Multi Complete
  • Nature's Bounty ABC Plus
This is just a sampling of the list.  Unfortunately I only saved the list, not the article so I can't tell you what the parameters were for a vitamin to be recommended.

I take the CVS Naturalized Spectravite.  No complaints.  Often times vitamins leave a foul taste in my mouth, but I have had no problems with this variety.  I take the vitamin at night, after dinner and before bed.  I also take a calcium plus D pill at the same time.

I've been reading a bunch about taking an Omega 3/6 Fishoil supplement in addition and will post on that another time.

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